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Investment Strategies

Cindat, focused on identifying quality investment opportunities in developed international markets, is the first choice of partner for Chinese investors in their overseas investments.


    Popular Markets

Cindat invests in desirable global investment destinations which are usually tier 1 cities of developed countries. A wide variety of pipeline projects enables Cindat to participate in the best investment opportunities. 

    Mature Projects

Cindat lowers investment risk and enhances investment returns by selecting development projects with zero or minimum entitlement or pre-development risk, and value-add acquisitions with significant upside.

    High Quality Partners

Cindat collaborates with emerging mid-sized developers who have strong knowledge of the local market. The developers are usually required to contribute sizable equity investment to align interest with Cindat investors.

   Stable Returns

Cindat targets investments in markets that have strong demand and yet somewhat restricted supply. Investments in quality projects in these markets secure stable and attractive cash flowing returns.

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